About Us

Luxury Airways Virtual has been serving the community since early 2012.

Since We Renamed The Airline from the Former Eurojet Airways We now bring a different concept to the virtual airline pilot by providing you the opportunity to grow with your airline.

Our ultimate goal here at Luxury Airways Virtual is to provide you the pilot with an organized, fun,

and professional atmosphere where you can truly enjoy the pleasure of being an airline pilot in a tightly-knit community.

If you are a pilot new to the Virtual Airline scene, or a veteran virtual pilot looking to broaden your horizons, we’d love to have you as a member of the Luxury Airways team.

  • Established: January 2012
  • Airline Active: 10 years
  • Radio Call Sign: Luxury

Frequently asked questions

What Are Luxury’s flight Requirements?

To Join Luxury Airways Virtual you Must:

Be The minimum age of 16 years.

Have a legal version of FSX, Prepar3d v4/v5, X-Plane or MSFS 2020.

Take your first flight within 14 days After registering.

Do at least one flight every 3-7 days Afterwards.

There is the option of freezing your account for an indefinite period of time.

What Flight Sims Are Supported?

Luxury Airways allows pilots to fly using FSX, Prepar3d v4/v5, and XPlane. Limited support for MSFS 2020 currently.

Please Note that we are starting to Phase FSX out of the system though it is still Available.

Does It Cost Anything?

Access to Luxury Airways and all services is completely free.

You will need to purchase your flight simulator software and joystick or yoke for controlling the aircraft.

After that you can purchase addons to help make a more immersive flight sim experience.

Can Flight Hours be Transfaired From Another Virtual Airline?

Yes you can transfair Your Last Flight Hours

Just tell your Hub Manager what your Flight Hours Are in Your Last Virtual Airline and they will add them on.

What Services Does Luxury Offer To Exchange Ideas?

Luxury offers both a Discord server ( https://discord.gg/6d5yCuswvJ ) and its own forum ( https://community.luxuryairways.co.uk/ ) for communication with other pilots or the staff

which you can use to open your own ticket if you have any problems.

Can I Choose My Own callsign Freely?

It is possible to request a call sign. Usually the callsigns of Luxury Airways start with LAW and a 3-digit number. These numbers can be assigned individually if the pilot has submitted valid PIREPs for at least 10 hours.

The desired callsign must be free and approved by the CEO or Community Manager.

What do I have to consider when carrying out a flight?

Landing rate

If the landing rate is more than -650 fpm, the PIREP is checked manually by our staff

It is necessary to store a corresponding comment in PIREP (e.g. Wind Shear, etc.)


If the livery was not recognized automatically, the PIREP is checked manually.

Flights that are not flown with a Luxury livery will not be accepted.

The only exception:

There is for the selected aircraft no Luxury-Livery and

the flight was carried out with a white or house livery and

the pilot left a corresponding comment in PIREP

Further criteria

You can pause your flight indefinitely in between

The simulation rate must not be increased

Refueling in flight (after pushback) is not allowed

Manual review

If a PIREP is not automatically accepted, a manual check is carried out by a staff member. Manual checks are also

carried out on a random basis – it may be possible that PIREPs that were initially accepted automatically have to be

subsequently rejected manually.

Help & Contact Us

Please be descriptive and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Get In Touch With Us

To report a bug with our website, flight data, CFP data, aircraft downloads or LUXCARS, please post in the relevant bug tracker.

Please ensure you’ve checked the Pilot Handbook before contacting us. It contains useful info on all Luxury Airways policies and procedures.

You can also contact us via our Community Forums, Discord server, Teamspeak 3, or you can email the staff members directly.