Luxury Airways Rules and Regulations

You have to agree with the following Rules and Regulations, when flying for us.

Pilot Rules

1.0  We will only accept registrations when real names are used and your identity is checked.

1.1  Pilots should submit at least 1 flight per month in order to stay active on the roster.

1.2  Any pilot who needs to be away for a period of time should contact staff before hand so we don’t need to worry if something is has gone wrong.

1.3  When flying online, pilots should display good airmanship, fly in a realistic manner, and adhere and comply to the UKATC, VATSIM or IVAO regulations.

1.4  Be polite and never argue with other pilots. If any problems arise, contact a member of staff.

1.5  We are real people so your real name is required on the application in order to join.

1.6  When flying online, you have to use your Luxury Airways callsign (ex.LAW1234)

1.7  When flying online we recommend you use the UKATC or VATSIM network.

General Rules

2.1  When applying to join Luxury Airways Virtual, you must adhere to company regulations and policies.

2.2  Please keep a civilised manner when communicating with other pilots and ATC . Do not argue or become impolite even if others do.

Discord Rules

3.1  No spamming on the Discord Server

3.2  Posting inappropriate content ( IE. Pornographic Images ) is strictly forbidden.

3.3  You MUST use your real name and Luxury Airways ID; (ex. John Doe ( LAW1234) your Callsign will be allocated to you by server Admins/Moderators.

Company Policy

4.1  When flying with complex aircraft, please use a realistic Cost Index (i.e. CI. 40 in the FMC/ MCDU). Or whatever Simbrief recommends.

*** The Cost Index is Found Next to the Aircraft On the Fleet Page & On the aircraft’s Profile Page ***

4.2  Every flight should land with an additional amount of fuel which should be available in case of emergency/diversion etc.

4.3  Our ICAO prefix should be used. Luxury’s prefix is LUX, some flights are listed as LA.

4.4  When flying, pronounce your callsign as ‘Luxury’ (e.g. ‘LUXURY1234’)

4.5  Load fuels sustainably and accurately

4.6 Our Schedules/Routes use Special Codes on them ( T & K ) Outbound & Inbound for passenger Flights and ( C & L ) Inbound and Out bound for Cargo Flights this saves you from Changing the callsign for each flight.

Additional rules

5.1  We do not approve of racial/criminal activities of any kind.

5.2  Religious freedom is a basic right which must not be violated by anybody.

5.3  We have no right to attack others because of their sexual preferences.

5.4  Children must be protected at all times. You must be at least 14 years of age if you want to join Luxury Airways. If you are younger please ask your parents to contact us.

5.5  Everyone has the right to the protection of their personal data. We will collect only the most necessary data and manage personal information in a way to protect it from misuse. We will respect the rights of the data owners which are guaranteed by EU law.     We will not publish or sell any personal data.

Clicking The Button Below Means You Agree to the Terms and Rules Above.