Members Handbook

Welcome to the Luxury Airways Members Handbook. 

This handbook has been created for the use of members, to find all essential information about their membership in one location and contains information on Luxury Airways and membership policies, HR information and managing your account issues.

We encourage all pilots to check this document and other Pilot resource guides and Standard Operating Procedures before contacting us, as it is likely that you will be able to find the answer to your question in these online guides.

Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) and information relating to Luxury Airways operating and fleet policies can be found here.

If you are new to Luxury Airways, our new members guide supplements this handbook with basic start info and  can be found here.

1.1 – The Organisation

Welcome to the Luxury Airways Members Handbook. 

This document has been created for the use of members, to find all essential information about their membership in one location. 

This handbook contains information on membership issues alongside operational procedures and information. 

All pilots should check the Pilot Handbook and Standard Operating Procedures before contacting us, as it is likely that you will be able to find the answer to your question in this handbook. If you are new to Luxury Airways, our new members guide supplements this handbook with basic start info and can be found  here.

Luxury Airways Virtual is a virtual airline for flight simulator users, which was created and set up by Michael Phillips in January 2022.

The domain and all website content, including images, text, audio, designs, downloads, and scripts, unless otherwise stated, are the legal property of Michael Phillips.

Luxury Airways Virtual is a non-profit organisation and does not charge any fees to apply for, or to retain membership in the organisation. No member of Luxury Airways may request money or charge fees as a prerequisite to offering any assistance or product. In addition, no member is permitted to resell or make any commercial or non-commercial use of the Luxury Airways website or Discord. The prohibitions set forth in this paragraph expressly include any and all sales and/or solicitations of money, goods and services no matter for what purpose, person, group or cause, without limitation. Members violating these rules will be suspended immediately.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a high-quality, realistic, virtual aviation experience to all flight sim enthusiasts. We will help pilots of all skills, ages, races and sex to achieve their full potential as virtual airline pilots. 

1.2 – Staff Team

The Luxury Airways staff team is composed of a handful of dedicated volunteers. Together as a team, we work towards our mission statement.

The team is comprised of the following departments with their respective department roles:

Human Resources
The Human Resources department assists with any general member queries or escalations. They can also assist with member requests for extended leave, should the 90 days of personal leave be insufficient. The department also arbitrates any potential member disputes regarding breaches of Luxury Airways policy and PIREPs submitted to Luxury Airways.

The Operations department is responsible for our fleet, flight schedules and tours. They are also responsible for ensuring that the data we hold on airports, aircraft and flights is up to date.

Online Operations & Events
The Online Operations department liaises between on two online networks, although we are affiliated with UKATC we are NOT Affiliated with VATSIM They monitor all Luxury Airways activity on the network as well. The department is also responsible for ensuring that all online events are properly organised and promoted as well as liaising with the relevant online networks to arrange air traffic control. We also organise weekly events on Saturdays, hosted on our own FSD server. These events are ideal for pilots who wish to practice flying in an ‘online’ environment, but within the confines of our own server and controlled by our own Air Traffic Controllers.

VA Support

The VA Support Team is a multi-faceted team encompassing member technical support, Marketing and Fleet Painting. The Community Manager and Head of VA Support’s functions are to ensure that any issues arising with onboarding members into Luxury Airways are resolved, and work closely with the Human Resources department to ensure that your member experience is positive and enjoyable.

The Marketing & Communications department is responsible for releasing in-house press releases to Luxury Airways members, maintaining our social media presence and managing Luxury’s relationship with the wider Flight Sim community.

The Fleet Painters aim to deliver quality Luxury Airways liveries for your enjoyment across all of our supported simulators, encompassing the most widely adopted freeware and payware available to the community. 

Pilot Resource and Development
The Pilot Resource and Development (PRD) is responsible for all the training content available on Fly UK. This includes the documentation that we supply and the 1-2-1 training available.

 Web & Systems

The Web and Systems department is responsible for keeping the website running and fixing any bugs on the website. 

1.3 – Donations

Luxury Airways relies on donations to cover the cost of website hosting, storage, domains. We are always grateful to members who make donations, however small or large. The process of donating is easy, we have set up a PayPal donation widget which makes it quick, simple and above all, safe to donate to Luxury Airways.

Should you wish to make a donation, please visit our  donations page.

Donation Award
All members that donate will receive the Donation Award, which will be displayed on their public pilot profile as a show of gratitude for their contribution to Luxury Airways. If you prefer not to have this award added to your public pilot profile, please email after you have donated. The donation award is issued manually by staff so it may take a day or two for your award to be added to your public pilot profile.

1.4 – Contacting Us

The Luxury Airways staff team can be contacted in the following ways:

Contact Us Page
Use this  page for any general enquiries you have regarding Luxury Airways. This inbox gets checked regularly (at least daily) by staff members and a response will be made to all enquiries as soon as practicable.

The forum (accessible via the community drop-down menu) contains a wealth of information about Luxury Airways. Staff will also answer any questions posted there, as will other members of the Luxury Airways community. If your problem is not specific to Luxury Airways staff, e.g. flight sim-related problems, posting in the forum will give you the best response, as it combines the power of our large membership base at Luxury Airways.

Staff can be contacted directly via the “ Staff Team” page on the website. Use this only if you wish to speak with a specific staff member. Although staff are required to check their email daily, if the member of staff is on leave, your message will not be seen until the staff member returns. Please consider using another communication method, especially if you have a generic question as this will often result in a faster response.

Website Feedback
Is there a particular feature that you like, one that isn’t working correctly, or if you have any suggestions on how to improve? On any page of the main website, there will be a red “question mark” button. Clicking on this will enable you to provide any necessary feedback that you may have.

Bug Tracker
Located on the Discord , one can use this page to report any problems you may be having with Luxury Airways that do not concern only yourself e.g. wrong information on pages, broken website pages, functions which are supposed to work but don’t, etc. This section should also be used to report issues with Luxury Airways Operations and also any issues with LuxCars, our flight tracking software.

2.0 – Recruitment

2.1 – Joining Requirements

In order to join Luxury Airways you must:

  • Be 16 years old or over on the date of application
  • Be able to communicate in the English language
  • Own a legal, working copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX/FSX-SE, Prepar3D, or XPlane operating on MS Windows
  • Have an internet connection and a valid email address
  • Have read and agree to all terms and conditions highlighted in the members and pilot operations handbooks
  • Be prepared to file a PIREP within the first 14 days of joining (training sessions will count as a PIREP)

Aged under 16?

As an international community and to comply with safeguarding requirements in line with GDPR regulations, Luxury Airways, unfortunately, cannot accept pilots aged below 16. Parental consent for those under 16 is no longer accepted and as a volunteer organisation, we are unable to support it.

We encourage any under 16’s to wait until the correct age and we will look forward to welcoming these members at the correct time.

Fly UK reserves the right to request proof of age as part of the application process and challenge if there is reason to believe false information has been given. Providing false application information will result in membership being deleted with a permanent ban being applied.

2.2 – Pilot Recruitment Process

To join Luxury Airways, you must abide by the requirements highlighted in (2.1) Requirements to Join.

Unlike other virtual airlines, you are not required to pass and complete a skills test or quiz in order to join us.

To join Luxury Airways you must fill in our online application form  found on the Join Us page, which is accessible from the link on the Home page. The application form requests some personal data amongst other information. To see how your data is handled, please see our Privacy Policy.

We ask that you supply accurate information about yourself.

After you have completed all stages of the application form, please press the ‘submit application’ button once (to avoid duplicate accounts being created) and you will be sent a verification email. Please check any “spam” folders, and consider whitelisting the domain so that you don’t miss out on any future important communications from us. After verification, you will then be directed to a confirmation page which will contain your unique Luxury Airways pilot ID and information on how to get started flying with us. You can log in to the Crew Centre using your pilot ID and password.

The system automatically sends an email to the email address supplied in the application to confirm your username and password. If you experience any problems joining Luxury Airways, please contact our Human Resources department – at